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This rice one of the most laborious is considered by many to be the tastiest for the pleasure it brings rice snail
But we must recognize that in the pleasure of eating snails is a ritual the wash from the beginning ( purge ) , make out ( trick ) and end ( eat ) sure the experience is much more rewarding .
Snails were washed with water , and allowed two suitable containers for the number of snails one with water and the other with flour and rosemary or thyme for three or four days. well hydrated when cooking and furnish us the flavor of the plant that we find elected . ( purging is to remove your intestines food possible toxic to humans , such as ivy or poisonous mushrooms ) were washed again with water and a little vinegar , then soaked in a large pot with cold water and heat to reach the temperature to go up very slowly , snails emerge from their shells ( this process is called trick ) and when everyone is leaning gives good heat stroke, are boiled . It adds
some laurel and a nail . With five or seven minutes we'll have precooked , to work them with the sauce .

We will clean snails in a pot with cold water and heat it over low heat , when the snails have left their shells and are floating . Raising the heat to high and add thyme, rosemary or bay . and cook about 20 minutes. and we cooked .
If you make this process difficult , sell raw and precooked or cooked
Olive oil / pepper ½ red / green 2/ 3 cloves garlic / onion / tomato sauce / salt / white pepper / paprika / peppers / cumin / twenty raw almonds and a glass of brandy
Beef broth ½ l . light

Rabbit 200g 200g medium grain rice , about 8-12 snails depends on the type you choose.
Great Bover / escargot de bourgogne .
medium grouper / baquetes
Step 1 : In the oil fry the garlic is not minced together with ñora deviate doing a dive, with almonds.
Step 2: Cut the rabbit, is salt - pepper and fry until golden brown , add the snails , we add the onion and fry a little after peppers with cumin.
Step 3: When the items are gassed , add the brandy tomato sauce , and a hundred ounces of broth, chopped and let it reduce .

Step 4 : sauté the rice, and added the rest of the broth , boil about five minutes and then loosens strong fire until boiling loose, in fifteen minutes have rice.

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